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Thread: Help me with Vegas/ render as WMV/ issues

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    Default Help me with Vegas/ render as WMV/ issues

    Hi, i'm new here. I wanted to see if anyone could
    help me with this.

    I have a 10 second test video clip that i captured
    with Vegas 5.
    There is sound in the clip as well, btw.

    So, i've been trying to render as WMV.
    So i go to File, Render as, and proceed to
    the "Custom" tab to set the attributes. I'm attempting to
    simply make Web friendly video clips that look decent.

    So i set the audio for 64 kps 44khz. I set the video at
    Quality VBR, and then move the Quality slider down
    a bit. Around 70 percent or so.

    Actually, i've tried just about every combonation of
    settings possible.
    And what happens is, when i render to WMV, i then move
    the file to my internet computer, wich is a Celeron 600
    running Windows 98.
    With this computer, i can usually play WMV's that run at
    around 500 kps, and they're clear, and dont drop frames.
    The computer keeps up and plays them just fine.

    BUT, when i try to play the WMV files that i'm rendering from
    Vegas, on that computer, they drop frames like crazy,
    and look absolutely horrible.
    It acts as if it cant keep up, but that makes no sense, cause
    i've downloaded millions of WMV clips that are the same
    size, and general bit rate, and they play just perfect.

    Why is this happening?

    My Vegas computer is a P4 3 gig with 1 gig of high grade ram.
    Running Vegas and Logic only.

    Here is a WMV that is an example of what i'm shooting
    for as far as bit rate and size.

    This is the crap i'm getting from Vegas.

    Understand, my original uncompressed video looks
    great. I just cant understand why i cant get anything
    to play with out these severe frame drops.

    Can anybody help? What am i doing wrong?


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    I think it's less what you're doing at the encoding stage and more what you're doing at the filming stage - the lighting on your clip is nowhere near as good as the example you post to compare. I don't see any if any difference in the encode quality between the two.

    You'll also probably only get dropped frames if you physically reduce the frame rate in the encoding settings. Make sure this is set as the same as the source. There should also be a setting for the complexity of the encode somewhere.

    I also not that you are using a different version of WMV for the encode. Gspot says WMV2 for the video you posted as an example and WMV3 for your test.

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    I didn't see any dropped frames in the test clip you posted.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    I'm pretty sure that it's therefore the comlexity of the encode that's causing the problem for your celeron on playback.

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    Marc, you were right. Its actually my fault.

    I cant believe i never checked to make sure i upgraded
    to WMP 9.
    I was trying to play ver 9 files in ver 7 WMP.


    I hope i didnt waste too much of your time.

    That was really driving me crazy. Now i've nothing to worry
    about. Vegas is very straight forward otherwise.

    I just gotta remember to update my darn media player, jeeeez!!!!


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