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Thread: do you like visuals???

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    Default do you like visuals???

    my best vid i have done so far.... inspired my piece of music.... just wanna break the mold of the music video... any feedback welcome

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    after watching your video i realise i dont.
    its fitting to the music but the same thing repeated to often kills it

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    I think it's great, but as only a part of a presentation. It needs something in front of it. I imagine it projected with a DJ and/or dancers (scantily clad girls always works for me - but you said you wanna break the mold)

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    scantily clad girls with video cameras filming the crowd which is filtered into them effects, now thats a winner in my book

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    as far as a music vid goes it is way to repetative. however, in a club scene as part of a DJ projection or a VJ set it would look pretty cool and im sure it would appeal to that type of crowd.

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    Default Thanks for feedback....

    ure right in the sense it would work well in a club...... was limited in what i could do in Imovie but learning final cut at mo so ultimately will have something going on for every sound in tune.....

    thanks for taking time to watch vid and reply

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