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Thread: JVC GY-HM700 .mov?

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    Default JVC GY-HM700 .mov?

    Howdi Guys,

    I noticed JVC have launched a couple of new cameras just recently and I thought I'd put forward a question for all you experts out there for a bit of a discussion.

    The new JVC GY-HM700, which at first glance looks smashing, records to a SVHD device in native quick time format.

    I am no expert in cameras, but I dont think I have seen a camera that records in quick time before. I was just pondering in what you guys thought of that? as a format? espiecially if your not a Mac user?

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    .mov is ony a wrapper - nothnig to do with mac or anything. I use veags on a pc and i can edit .mov no prob as should most ediors.

    I gotta say that camera looks bloody great. Shame about the small ccds but big ones cost usually. 35 mbit too. Aslo does ' proper ' sound - 16 bit 48 khz I think - not hdv poorer mp3.

    Top range of shooting formats -

    1920 x 1080 (1080p24/p25/p30, 1080i60/i50)
    1280 x 720P (p60/p50/p30/p25/p24)

    I would buy this if I was a rich guy looking for a cam. It's gonna be 7000 surely...

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    I wish I was a rich guy.

    Thats intersting to hear, so on paper it holds its own

    I have been looking for a camera upgrade for a while now, it wont be this by far due to cost- haha.

    But it is interesting to find out whats hot and whats not. The future and everything. In a couple of years it maybe available to poor people like me second hand.

    Its a bit cheaper than seven grand as well, which is nice. But still not pocket money lest your a serious film type chap

    Theres a smaller version of the camera , as in hand held been released as well, records to the same format , I think i will have an investigate

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    I wonder what is better.. the ex3 or the hm700.

    Ex3 uses 1/2" ccds, hm700 uses 1/3"

    But the hm700 can do 1080P where the ex3 does 1080i

    ex3 uses sonys EXPENSIVE sxs cards, where as the hm700 uses much cheaper class 6 sd cards.

    What do you guys think?


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