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Thread: DVD media compatablity

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    Default DVD media compatablity

    Whats the most compatable Blank DVD Media for stand alone players?
    Some of the older DVD player (2 years or older) wont play them aswell
    as the newer DVD players. I have heard that Ritek is good and Mexell
    is also another one that I hear is good for compatablity.

    I have also been told that DVD+R is not as good for video then DVD-R
    Is this a myth? Or is there some truth to this? I have been told that
    the darker the DVD color is the better. I guess Ritek has a dark blue
    or purple color to it and that is supposed to aid in its dependability.
    Any thoought on this? What media do you use for your Video?

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    I have heard the Ritek G04 media is quite well respected, although saying that, we did have trouble writing data to several ritek DVDs, a problem that was solved by using Verbatim, but that may have been down to the software, becasue at the time, the one we were using wasn't windows based.

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    I'm not quite sure whether there's anything in the stories about dark DVD colours, but I got recommended bulkpaq discs, mainly because I'd heard a few complain of having a slightly jerky images when using other discs. I don't know whether that's true as I haven't bought anything else ... but I've never had any trouble with bulkpaq.
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    I used bulkpaq too, and although I'd heard some complain about them, they seemed ok, although even though they were rated to 4x, they only wrote at 2.4x in my 8x drive.

    What you've got to remember is, whatever you buy, there will be somebody somewhere who will tell you you've done it wrong.

    Whilst we're on the subject though, does anybody have any idea whether it's DVD-R or DVD+R that's winning the format war?

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    Well the only formats ratified by the DVD Forum are DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM. The others are put together by a consortium called the DVD+RW Alliance which is made of some of the larger optical recording media companies (some of which are also members of the DVD Forum).

    I don't know who is winning on a market share basis but considering it is widely recognised that DVD-R is the most standalone DVD player compatible format I would have thought that would have quite a bearing on disk sales.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    I have never heard of bulkpaq I will have to check them out.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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