hi guys

my problem is that i am editing one movie in adobe premiere pro cs4 which is taken by my n 95....have already converted all mp4 files into single avi file via nero recode which is giving me excellent quality like full screen 640X480@29 fps

but when i added some songs into this movie and exported it into avi via adobe encoder its resolution get decreased(around about 320X240

here i am attaching screenshot of my exporting format..plz guide me how to get original resolution and thats too widout any loss of quality and ya resulting file is of 2.30 gb with 320X240 resolution) and original file is of 997 mb with 640X480@29 fps

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: adobepremier.jpg

plz tell me necessary steps to reduce its size also

i am attaching screenshot of all the option coming in premier

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: formats.jpg

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: presets.jpg

what all i am doing

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: 16448719.jpg


ImageShack - Image Hosting :: 71997611.jpg


ImageShack - Image Hosting :: 67899588.jpg


ImageShack - Image Hosting :: 23924796.jpg


ImageShack - Image Hosting :: 12236366.jpg


ImageShack - Image Hosting :: 94105087.jpg


http://img213.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... 119840.png

do tell me the the format which can reduce its size also coz size is going beyond 2.30 gb

plz help me guys....i have to finish this movie asap