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    I'm trying to find a bullet camera (or something similar) to run in a VERY harsh environment.

    We had been using the HQ2 from dogcamsport, which might just be a no-name brand camera with a new sticker. The quality is fine, but it stopped working at high temperature (a temperature sticker nearby read 110C)

    If it's not possible to reach temperatures that high it's fine, but I'm just trying to find the smallest, most rugged camera possible. Price is no object. The connection on the camera is also no issue, as it will be changed anyway. One constraint is that the camera must not be fixed to a recording unit, like the Sony HXR-MC1.
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    I use the Oregon Scientific ATC-3000 on my bike. No top quality, but decent enough. It's waterproof and quite shockproof.

    I got it from:

    They als have quite a range of other camera's for extreme use. Also bullets with separate recorders.

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    Try this site, I haven't been on it in a long time so they may not sell bullet cams anymore. if you are located in the UK.

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