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Thread: Looking for an affrodable lighting kit

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    Default Looking for an affrodable lighting kit

    Trying to find an affordable lighting kit I ran into this set : TTL MXLIGHT TWIN LAMP THREE SOFTBOX KIT WITH BOOM (sorry i know its a US site)

    Does anyone have any experience with these lights? Would they be a good starting kit for interviews?

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    As a kit it's okay-ish but...

    The main point of lighting is to bring your images to life and three softboxes aren't the ideal way to go about it. In essence you paint with light, with this kit you are given three paint rollers, which makes it difficult to construct light and shade. The light units themselves look very cheap, a bit like expensive builders' lights with just as little control.

    If you buy the kit, you won't have made a stupid decision but you will have limited yourself and, going on the photos, the build quality doesn't look that great.

    For almost the same amount of money you could buy a couple of Lilliput or Digi lights from Ianiro, together with decent stands, a small photoflex umbrella and softbox, plus a small backlight. A selection which will give you far more flexibility and last a lot, lot longer.

    In your position I would go for the more flexible (and better quality) option, even if it means spending a bit more.

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    alrighty. They do come with barn doors as well but yeah they are basically construction lights I think. They even take construction light bulbs from the hardwware store.

    But I will definitly check out Lilliput or Digilights. Im hopefulyl going to buy a kit in the next few months, I might as well get something decent. Not like its going to become outdated.

    Thanks !

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