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    Default The Killer Teddy Bear

    So my figured I would share my latest project from my film class at buffalo.

    The project was to tell a narrative in 100 minute and there had to be a minimum of 100 cuts in that 1 minute. This is the result.

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    i liked the video and thought it was well done considering what you had to do for the project, but did you add youtube loading signs to the video? if not your video broke my youtube, there was no sound also

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    I liked your video in a quirky kind of way. It was a bit rough round the edges but still enjoyable, especially the hacking parts, some tomato ketchup (blood) squirting up from a plastic bottle would have been good. Tripping over the paper cup was funny and ridiculous (Father Ted and the brick maybe?). I also had no sound, is there something wrong with the file or with YouTube?

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    I should have mentioned that another part of the project was that there could be no sound it was all visual.

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