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Thread: Hi8/8mm/what!?

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    Default Hi8/8mm/what!?

    hey everyone, uhm.. another ameture ane stupid question from myself.. BUT..

    Right, what is newer "hi8" or "8mm".. and whats the difference.. is it worth me getting one cheap on ebay.. or should i just go the full whack and get a nice new dv cam?

    Cheers, matt x

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    Buy a DV cam.

    No contest. Personally I'd rather own a cheap DV camera than an expensive hi-8 one, but hey, that's my personal opinion and someone will probably disagree with me

    One thing I know we are all agreed on though, is that miniDV is best. Within a realistic price range of course.

    Go DV.

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    Matt, the answer to your question is that Hi8 is the later of the two and 8mm you refer to is more commonly known as Video8.

    However I completely agree with Mike that miniDV is the only format you really should be considering.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Hey, thanks for the replies guys! uhm, yeah i was thinking the same.. i was checking it over. The thing is is that i have a tight budget! untill i can get a job or a christmas present *fingers crossed*

    I just saw some hi8 cameras going for under 50 on ebay so i thoguht i would see weather it was worth my while.. also is the way i upload it on to my comp differently? cus i used to use my brothers dv through firewire (but he has gone to uni).

    Thanks anyway, matt

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    Matt: I think I'm right in saying that hi8 is an analog format, so the transfer method will be very different - different as in more complicated (you'll need an analog input card/device, and b) as a consequence of a), more expensive. Your PC may well already have a Firewire interface, and if it doesn't, they can be had for a tenner - but analog capture will cost you a minimum 50 squids for something not very good, and more likely upwards of a hundred. You need to factor in 'total cost of ownership...
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