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    Hello folks,

    For a long time now I have toyed with using the progressive shooting mode on my camera. (its 24p) as it looks better that regular.

    Its something I never got to dabble with at UNI and I have never tried since.

    Just wondering if you guys and girls have any hints and tips for shooting in progressive. I was once warned by a camera dealer to avoid it like the plague unless I had any real knowledge about using it. Thus I intend to master using it on my cam.

    If anyone has any tips to stop me making a juttery stuttery mess it would be gratefully appreciated? do many of you use Progressive


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    I noly ever shoot progressive if I am certain i am going to use slo mo and or lots of pan / scan in post - but even than i usually shoot interlaced and deinteralce in post for that.

    I dont understand this fetish that is around for progressive.

    Lets get one thing clear - it does not and never will look like film - the p bit is irrelevant.

    Progressive shooting is different with pros and cons but it ISNT better.

    In particualr 25p is very prone to jerkiness and artifacts on pans and movement. Next gen dig cinema is shaping up to be 50p - that will have the sooth motion of interalced and the lack of lacing artifacts of 25p.

    Dont believe the progressive hype and bullshit.

    I would buy a canera that was p or i but ony cos it was a great camera - I really wouldnt care too much about the p or i bit.

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    Aha, I appreciate the feed back Mark

    So its good for slo mo and heavy panning?

    but apart from that I am better in good old fashioned normal shooting

    I have had a muck around with it, but as you mentioned it seems very easy to make it look like a jumbled mess.

    At uni they had some studio cameras which are 720p which a technician told me is very good for filming fast sports. Alas as i have left Uni so I cant just pick a technicians brains any more. and like I said we never got to touch them.

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    Everything has pros and cons and also it is a matter of content and taste as to what you shoot ' in ' .

    Progressive looks better as slo mo - but if you deinteralce i that is as good.

    If you like it use it.

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