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Thread: A Heartfelt thanks

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    Default A Heartfelt thanks

    A big thanks to the ever-so-helpful individual that complained about spam from this site. Thanks to this, all email from my server is now being rejected by Yahoo accounts. What does this mean? Well, for one, email isn't received. On top of this I get at least 4 emails saying as much for each email sent.

    If it was from a member of this board, please bear in mind the following:

    1) You will only ever get emails if you OPT to get them from the board.
    2) Just because an email appears to be from someone, doesn't mean it is. Spammers spoof email addresses to use a random REAL address in the from field. If in doubt, look at the email headers to see where it really came from. Yes, all those emails from your bank may not actually be from your bank for example.

    Email spam is a pain. Please don't make it hard for all of us by reporting spam in error. With the right tools, you won't get any spam anyway...

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    Nothing to add Marc, but you have my sympathy.
    I can't imagine it's a well intentioned, but misguided user. More likely someone who has nothing to do with this board or possibly, just possibly, someone with a gripe.

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    Great. That really sucks.
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