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Thread: Video file not accepted by YouTube

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    Default Video file not accepted by YouTube

    Hi, I've got m4v video file that plays in QuickTime and other players, but when I upload it to YouTube, YouTube isn't able to encode it and play it. I think it has to do with how the audio file is encoded into the video file because when I post just a video file (w/o the audio file), YouTube accepts it.

    Please look at this sample file, and let me know what's wrong with it (why YouTube won't accept it).


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    I downloaded the sample and although your link is to a .mov file the extension that appears is .m4v.

    However it is that you are creating these files you need to be sure that you are outputting to a file that YouTube can accept. This is laid out in their FAQs.
    .m4v is not listed there but .mov is.

    I don't really know the difference between the two but there MUST be one because YouTube is choking on the one you have.

    So the short answer? Change you output setting to create a .mov file.

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    Try H.264 instead of m4v.

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    We're developing an encoding software, so it doesn't help us to open it up with another program and convert it.

    Can someone look at the file and see if there's something wrong with the headers or any apparent errors in encoding?

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