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Thread: Crop + feather??

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    I have to shots of same place. I wont to put them together - some kind of picture in picture. It works almost fine but there is little difference between of those shots background. So you can see a line between these shots. Is there any way to merge these shots?

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    Just to clarify, you have two shots of the same place and you want to use (for example) the left part of one and the right part of the other, but they don't line up precisely, yes?
    If so follow on. If not, please redefine the problem.

    It depends which version of Vegas you have.

    If you have Pro:
    Place your content on tracks 1 & 2. Assume "left" content on track 1 & "right" on 2.
    Create a Pan & Crop on track 1.
    Click on the box at the bottom (on the timeline within the P&C window) which says "mask". This changes the options to those for "bezier masks".
    Now using the anchor tool, draw a box around the area on track 1 that you want to show. This is your "mask"
    You will note that a "feather" type and amount control have also appeared - guess what they do!
    Job done!
    Obviously the "mask" you draw doesn't have to be just a rectangle around the left half of the picture.

    If you are using a Movie Studio Version:
    The principle is the same, but the application more complex.
    You need to create a "mask" on track 1.
    Left video on track 2
    Right Video on track 3

    The mask track:
    This could be a generated media colour gradient, or an imported graphic. The important thing is it is black and white - the white area being where your want the video on the track immediately below to show through and black being where you want any video on tracks below this to show through. Greys will let part of both tracks below show through.
    For this left/right example the graphc should be white on the left and black on the right with a bit of a grey fade from one to the other in the middle.

    Now the magic.
    Make track 1 the parent of track 2 (ac tually achieved by making track 2 the child of track 1).
    Drop a Mask Generator video effect onto track 1
    Set the compositing mode of track 1 to Multiply (Mask)
    And Bob's your uncle.

    This is all much more difficult to explain and understand in the written word (especially with me writing) than it is to accomplish. Please try to follow the above instructions, ask when you get stuck, and it will, eventually, fall into place.

    For a more advanced application of a combination of these techniques, I am indebted to Grazie who dragged me kicking and screaming through the thread :

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