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Thread: Capturing PC Games with card on same computer

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    Default Capturing PC Games with card on same computer


    My buddy and I have had a few problems with his new capture card. He bought a Hauggpauge PVR-250 capture card with onboard MPEG encoding. It is capable of capturing VERY high resolutions such as MPEG 2 with hardly any system slow down doing something else. My friend has already recorded TV to his computer and it looks good. He also runs a Radeon 9800 Pro video card.

    We want to record a pc game running the S-Video OUT from the video card, into the S-Video IN on the capture card. We used the software that came with the capture card, and even Adobe Premiere, and for some reason, we were getting awful side scrolling images, and discoloration.

    We DID enable the TV S-Video Out in the Display properties for his Radeon 9800 Pro.

    Would anyone know why this is happening?

    Again, what we are wanting to do:

    Have game playing fullscreen while capture card records what is on screen.

    Any suggestions? Techniques? Software to use?


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    Sounds like an s-video issue. There's probably a setting in the software that switches to s-video.
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