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Thread: Vegas crashing all the friggin' time...

  1. Exclamation Vegas keeps crashing all the friggin' time!...

    I'm trying to render a video that makes Vegas crash every time it gets to a certain clip. If I remove the clip, it'll be fine, until it gets to another clip that makes it crash, and so on and so fourth, until it makes me want to drive my fist through the monitor.

    If I try rendering the clips that make Vegas crash, but on their own, there are no problems - The problems only seem to arise when they are included in the rest of the edit... So what gives? The whole video was rendering fine a while ago, and I have done way too many things to it *since* then to narrow down the problem.

    Any suggestions?

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    Marcus, what you, I and all of us have to realise that because Vegas can often, and mostly does, deal with much of what is thrown at it, there is one underlying factor that hedges us all in, and it is this: there is a limit to the amount of maths any software can cope with at any one time. What we do when we render is put both the s/w and CPU under much stress - view Task manager graphs on a "typical" render to see this happen. Once we grasp this principle then if we get a repeatable "blockage" in the rendering the chances are that we are attempting to process something that is dreadfully difficult for the pc with Vegas to cope with. You have hinted that this might be the case by saying that previously this project rendered well, but now that you have done lots to it these Events are gagging the system. I would now therefore suggest that this "threshold" is exactly where you have got to. Prior to this the Events rendered, but now after applying much more, the process is stopping.

    My solution would be to firstly trim down any unwanted Events within the Project Manager Pane - use the "Lightening Bolt" for this. This will remove any unwanted "Event-flab"; truly go through and remove any unneeded FXs that that are only repeats or simply uncalled for; if you have a Video Bus Master being used try to make it affect the Timeline at the points you need; any very large graphics and/or stills reduce their pixel count and generally fillet out dead and unneeded timeline Events and ideas that are not now part of the final render.

    And secondly, it would also help us here to know what the properties of the irksome were? Without that knowledge you are really obscuring us from a potential remedy?

    Bottom line is that Vegas is very stable. It WILL deal with much that is thrown at it, but that is one of its greatest values, and this can lead us to thinking that it will deal with everything on all occasions. Sometimes, just sometimes Vegas needs us to be realistic about what it can gulp-down. I prefer having my NLE having the ability to do accept much, rather than crying wolf at some wayward media, all the time. I've been told that there are such NLEs out there that do just that. Can you imagine!!?

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    Grazie - Many thanks for your suggestions. I've narrowed the problem down to being what I *think* is an audio related issue. If I render the video on its own (including text, solid colour blocks, overlaid effects, and plugins), it renders perfectly. If I render the video with the audio, it crashes. There are fifteen audio tracks altogether, two of which, when left in, cause the program to crash at a specific point without giving me an error message. If I take those two particular audio tracks out, Vegas crashes at a further point in, and gives me the following error message...

    Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
    Version 8.0c (Build 260)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0xC IP:0x6AC423
    In Module 'vegas80.exe' at Address 0x400000 + 0x2AC423
    Thread: ProgMan ID=0x18B4 Stack=0x620F000-0x6210000
    EAX=00000000 CS=0023 EIP=006ac423 EFLGS=00010202
    EBX=2b2f76a0 SS=002b ESP=0620f054 EBP=2b2f7678
    ECX=00000000 DS=002b ESI=00000000 FS=0053
    EDX=00000000 ES=002b EDI=00000000 GS=002b
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    006AC423: 83 7E 0C 00 0F 84 DB 00 .~......
    006AC42B: 00 00 83 BE 64 02 00 00 ....d...
    Stack Dump:
    0620F054: 2B2F7670 2A940000 + 9B7670
    0620F058: 006C898A 00400000 + 2C898A (vegas80.exe)
    0620F05C: 3E167E92 3DC90000 + 4D7E92
    0620F060: 3E2640C8 3E200000 + 640C8
    0620F064: 2B2F7678 2A940000 + 9B7678
    0620F068: 2B2F7658 2A940000 + 9B7658
    0620F06C: 1B06BE28 1AC40000 + 42BE28
    0620F070: 2B2F7650 2A940000 + 9B7650
    0620F074: 2B2F7658 2A940000 + 9B7658
    0620F078: 00000000
    0620F07C: 006C8CBB 00400000 + 2C8CBB (vegas80.exe)
    0620F080: 00000000
    0620F084: 006C8D67 00400000 + 2C8D67 (vegas80.exe)
    0620F088: 1AFB1D80 1AC40000 + 371D80
    0620F08C: 2B2F7648 2A940000 + 9B7648
    0620F090: 006C8E60 00400000 + 2C8E60 (vegas80.exe)
    > 0620F094: 006C8DBB 00400000 + 2C8DBB (vegas80.exe)
    0620F098: 2B2F7648 2A940000 + 9B7648
    > 0620F09C: 006C8E79 00400000 + 2C8E79 (vegas80.exe)
    - - -
    0620FFF0: 00000000
    0620FFF4: 00527950 00400000 + 127950 (vegas80.exe)
    0620FFF8: 00AE7AB0 00400000 + 6E7AB0 (vegas80.exe)
    0620FFFC: 00000000

    Any chance you or someone else could decipher the above?


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    Firstly I have absolutely no idea what any of this means, other than there is a major challenge to memory. When I see "stack overflow" I've learnt this could mean RAM is chocking on something. And when that happens it is indicating to me that TOO much is happening TOO fast.

    Secondly, when and if you are able to isolate the culprit what are you going to do about it? Remove it? Sure, you can do that. But I would suggest you wont find it for several reasons:

    1] This type of issue could very well work in unison with others vying for "culprit" status.

    2] Maybe there isn't a culprit and that again what you are attempting to do is just too much!

    3] By removing the audio and you "thinking" that this was the culprit isn't proof at all. And what you are thinking IS the issue is in fact a result of too much maths going on? And all it could possibly show is that, again, you are doing too much for your setup.

    It comes down to:

    A] What media types are you rendering FROM

    . .and . .

    B] What media type are you rendering TO

    Isolating the Audio as the potential issue, " I've narrowed the problem down to being what I *think* is an audio related issue. If I render the video on its own (including text, solid colour blocks, overlaid effects, and plugins), it renders perfectly." may NOT be the correct result, and you pursuing this line will only, again, blind you to there being one obvious conclusion - Too much maths going on too fast. By "muting" the Audio all you are doing is reducing the amount of maths going on. All you have achieved by doing this is to EITHER consider that there is an issue with the audio OR that by removing it you have REDUCED the amount of maths going on. And this could lead you to a false positive which in turn does NOT give you a conclusive answer.

    Now possibly an easier and, potentially, less of a "hair-pulling" experience is to render to something that wont stress your system so much and to render in smaller chunks, combine the chunks after render and THEN render as a whole.

    What are you rendering and what are you rendering to?

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    Debugging is a time consuming process, as you have learned. And without access to the source code, it takes an even longer time. In fact, because you can't access the source code, it's very unlikely you'll be able to get to the command that's failing. As such, it's often best to isolate the "area" and then find a workaround for this. What Grazie recommends is such a solution to this problem, and one I've used on various different applications (including, non-editing applications).

    I would suggest that the first action is to render out the video and audio seperately. Then combine this in final output. It's likely that this will minimise encoding times and generation loss. However, the question Grazie asks is the most pertinant: what are you encoding to? Again, this will have a significant impact on the processing power required.

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    I'm rendering MXF, MOV and WAV files, to uncompressed MOV, at a resolution of 1280x545. Bear in mind that whatever format I render to, it will crash regardless. I've also rendered larger projects at resolutions of 1920x1080 in the past, and all has been fine. Not to mention, this particular *.veg file was rendering perfectly OK when it was *chockablock* with unused media... Well, before I did whatever it was I did to make everything NOT render perfectly, that is...


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    Probably no help - but rendering to uncompressed may provoke problems as the data rate is abusrdly high - up to giga bits / sec. I am not clear why you would need to do so either.

    What is the source media ? Is it of doubtful provenance perhaps ?

    Many codecs can get weirded out by odd sized pixel resoloutions - many prefer both numbers to be div by 4. 545 is clearly not div by 4 and interstingly ( to me ) is also a sexy number - it is the sum of the the first 4 primes raised to the power of the first 4 primes but in reverse order - aint that cool? ( i like primes ). Prime Curios!: 545

    Anyway that is by the by but I think that may be the problem - worth eliminating.

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    I'm impressed Mark.

    Not only are you a wiz with the Queens English your a math guy as well.

    And we all know your skills with a axe aimed at a Epson printer.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Default Problem fix

    I have no idea why it works, but the rendering issue has occurred several times for me, even on 10e version. When it happens I start an empty vegas project and then copy and paste the current project into the new project. This solution has worked for me several times.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CitizenD View Post
    I have no idea why it works...This solution has worked for me several times.
    No a fix, but surely a useful workaround for anyone experiences this (who should also report it to Sony)

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