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    I am currently working on an intro in Premiere and After Effects for a video I am filming. Any comments would be appreciated. I used the procamp filter a lot because I think it makes it look pretty and fit with the fast technoish music. The music is a little off with the video in this for some reason so ignore that. It isn't complete yet so it ends abruptly. Thanks

    -Steven Bogda

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    Also ignore my bad grammer.

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    That's great, but what's the main film about? I'm guessing the intro is suited to it?

    I like the unconventional introductions - the mad insane rush of the names appearing (you mentioned something about grammar, but did you know you spelt "starring" as "staring"?)

    The circles popping across at the top look a bit odd in comparison to the rest of the video, they look a bit too "clean" compared to the roughness of the rest of the video. But I wanna see more!

    And come on people, this video has been downloaded about 27 times, has no one else got anything to say?

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    that was cool, who did the music?

    I really liked the names flashing up, although I couldn't tell you any of the people in the film and I watched it 3 times. I bet cult film fans would love that though.

    The sped-up footage of the junction is cool, but I don't personally like the colour effect on it, I prefer the more normal looking colours of the stuff shot from the dash of the car. Maybe it would be worth shooting it again to try and get rid of the air-vent grille, or whatever that thing is on the bottom third of the screen.

    I agree about the circles aswell, maybe they could be roughened a bit like the text.

    Other than that, It was really good.
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    Thanks for the comments.
    Yeah, I misspelled starring but I fixed that. The video is going to be a bunch of messing around and skits and stuff. Music is by The Aphex Twins. The circles were just something I was playing with and after this I am going to have little intros of the people that will be in it. I plan on reshooting the night driving this weekend. THe first time I just put the camera on the dash and since I had a fisheye on it got everything . I am going to try putting my tipod out the sunroof or something jsut to get the lights only.
    I'll post more when I add stuff.
    Steven Bogda

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    iking your work. I must admint Mike, I was one of those selfish people that downloaded and didn't comment
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    I'm planning on duck-taping my tripod to the roof of my car for a similar shot, but I want the roof of the car in the foreground, I'd like to see the results of this technique, and any problems you had with it.

    I'm going to tape one leg to the rear windscreen wiper base and the other two to the roof at the back. I want it to look a bit like the start of Naked Gun but with a bit of roof instead of the siren.
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    I will post my new stuff in a few days.

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    is the movie about LSD or something?

    haha i like it
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