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Thread: Rendering and encoding speed

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    Default Rendering and encoding speed

    Hello all,

    I am using Premire Pro CS3 (for editing and rendering) and a program called V2F to encode and convert to flash for use on a web site.

    My system:

    CPU: Q9450 2.66GB overclocked @3.2GHz
    MOBO: ASUSTek model P5N-D
    CORSAIR Capacity 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Timing 5-5-5-18
    NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX GDDR3 SDRAM 512 MB
    Vista 64-bit

    Been stable with this OC (passed Prime95 and IntelBurnTest) which shows all four cores @ 100% use during testing. Temps are in the low 40sC.

    I'd like to know if I can get more speed from this system, or if what I am getting is already very good and best I can do.

    PP rendering of 6 minutes of DV (captured from camera) takes 2-3minutes.

    V2F encoding /converting takes about 2.5-5min (depending on outputsize). So I can get each 6 minutes done and ready for the web site in about 6 minutes total.

    I use two sizes on the web site, so time increases depending on which:
    About 6min. of DV converted to 400x225 @ 360kbits/s will take V2F about 2.5min., while 780x439 @ 768kbits/s will take about 4min.

    Is this about as fast as I can expect? Is there any way to shave off and save more time (without lowering/changing the output quality)? I do a lot of this each week and the time really adds up.

    I see that my CPU is under 30% use, and even will sometimes shift to 6x multiplier (making it 2.4GHz) while rendering. The RAM can be at 3.18GB of the 4GB total.

    When encoding/converting, the CPU is inthe 30-35% range, and RAM is between 1.33-1.40GB. And not all cores are used (mostly the first two).

    I even tried to do both steps simultaniously (using two different video files of course) to see if more resources would be used but no luck, Premiere Pro took control first and V2F slowed way down until PP was done rendering. Whole process took at least as long if not more than a minute longer.

    Is there anything I can do to speed this process up and save more time?

    Thank you for any help and suggestions.

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    No - not really.

    You could overclock to fuck and you might get 20% and a flaky PC.

    I dont get the stress - I have often renderd films that take days...

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    "I dont get the stress - I have often renderd films that take days... "

    What stress? I'm just asking. And I used to take that long too which is why I just got this new system.

    If I have many of these 6 min. clips each week (I do) and I can save a few hours weekly it seems to be worth asking those who are more experienced and may see why my system isn't using more of it's potential.

    But if I'm getting all I can from it, and this is considered very good time for what I'm doing, then that's great!

    Thanks for the feedback. Any is appreciated.

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    I personally think thats a great render time. I wouldn't bother overclocking any more, maybe overclock it a bit less it to get it a bit more stable. even though it's stable with prime it may not be 100% stable. try rendering a long video and see how it last out. it may be wise to do a long render and see how it turns out, it might be okay, it might not

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    Thank you smifis, 'cause I have no idea what to expect since my old system was pathetic with all this.

    I haven't had any trouble rendering or encoding up to two hours so I'm guessing stability is solid.

    Thanks for taking the time with your suggestions!

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