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Thread: Playing A Video Clip Within Another - Sony Vegas 7.0

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    Default Playing A Video Clip Within Another - Sony Vegas 7.0

    The title should be self-explanatory but I'll elaborate anyways.

    I use Sony Vegas 7.0 and I am trying to play one clip sort of "faded" within another, but the fade offset isn't what I want either. I don't want the second clip to overtake the main one. Just to continue playing in the background till I finish it.

    So, any suggestions/help? xD

    Edit: I don't think I was clear enough the first time.

    I'm trying to play two clips in their entirety but I want one of them to stay at the same "faded level" through the whole clip without over-taking the other one.

    Though, that may have been the same thing I said before. xD
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    I think I know what you're trying to do from your explaination.

    Right, I presume you already have the one clip set up on a track. So from there drag the other clip you want to fade with the other onto a new track underneath. Set it up in the same place as the one above and the clip thats on top you need to place your mouse at the very top of the line and click and drag and a line should appear with "opacity" drag it down as far as you want and it should show you in the preview box how see through its going. Then playback and both clips should appear one on top of the other.

    Hope this helps.

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    I'll try that; but as to whether or not it will work...I'll find out soon enough. xD <3

    Thanks. ;3

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    Just to be absolutely clear here, you want the SMALLER Event to appear faded within a FULL frame Event, yes?

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    I think that is one way to think of it.

    Sure, we can go with that for now. If it is not what I wanted, I can always reply back again. ;3

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