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    Default Fast forward effect

    Is it possible in Adobe to create a Fast forward effect? And i mean not Double speed as i have seen in Windows Movie Maker, i mean really faster.
    My goal is to make a clip with clouds moving faster.
    Is Adobe the best program for this?? If anyone has done this please tell me if the outcome looks sharp.

    Thanks in advance

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    Any decent app can do this - and you could do it in wmm - just reimport and speed up - repeat.

    Speeded up shots can look great. Vegas does some clever stacking thing that gives similar results to the image stacking that astronomers do - I have noticed that noise / grain / artifacts are much reduced as a reult - which is nice.

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    you can do this in premiere quite easily by right click --?speed/duration and then change it to what ever you want, you can do it in percentages or how long you want the clip to last.

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    In Premiere Elements is it the Time Stretch tool. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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