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Thread: Youtube Rant--short "humor"

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    Default Youtube Rant--short "humor"

    Any and all feedback is deeply appreciated.

    I think the biggest thing to improve on would be lighting, which is pretty terrible at this time of the year (when I have time to shoot) unless/until I invest in some lights.

    Thanks for watching.

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    I thought it had some good moments - "funglesticks" is a word I plan to introduce into my active vocabulary as soon as possible (and really demonstrates how not using foul language is much funnier than swearing).

    I also liked the furtive, "accidental" click on "8 girls, one lightbulb" the title itself being a stroke of genius neatly combining the parody of the name of "that" video with the "how many whatevers does it take to change a lightbulb" series of jokes. (You may not even have done this consciously, but the subconscious never gets enough credit)

    On the negative - you've already mentioned lighting, but some of it was, honestly, unforgiveable. There are parts where the background is well lit and you are totally underexposed. Do a test shot, check it, if it doesn't work, move a bit.

    The "child's" voice, whilst cleverly conceived, was pretty unintelligable. Remember you know what was being said cos you scripted it. Check others can understand it before you "publish".

    Biggest problem was the intro was far too long. Our resident YT hits expert, rollingstock, will tell you you've got less than 10 seconds to make an impact. We see nothing in the first 10 seconds apart from you rolling your head/eyes to some music. Get to the point first. Roll back afterwards if necessary.

    Overall, I enjoyed it. But if you hadn't posted here and I'd stumbled across your video, I'd have clicked away from your page within seconds.

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    I never really enjoy talking head videos, even if they are under 3 minutes long. I think some of the subject matter could have been made better use of in terms of taking a side swipe at YouTube, more humour could have been injected into it and it was very difficult to hear what you were saying in a lot of the video. As posted above the first part with you rolling your head about was pointless, might appeal to a certain type of individual who finds that interesting but it had no relevance to the video. If you want to criticise something, find it's weak points and see how they could be improved, let us hear your argument as to why you think YouTube is the way it is and develop those points over the length of the video.

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    Of your points in your rant I am guilty, guilty, guilty and guilty.

    The world of vlogging is something none of us in the real video producing world can understand; and itís basically throw away all production values and the focus becomes your face and whatever departs your lips.

    Some do it against black, bluescreen or a cluttered teen bedroom with a single bed clearly in shot.

    Some vloggers / ranters have a status higher than some Hollywood stars these days and you have to start to look at why, I am sure you know the big ones I see some of them portrayed in your video.

    That may be a big mistake, people donít take to imitators, people enjoy something very original and fresh, and thatís becoming almost impossible on noobtube these days due to the bloat of material.

    Like any series, show, film franchise or youtube channel it relies on new material. Please step in the writers of such material. Before you begin on the road of being a vlogger do you have extensive material up your sleeve?

    A very important thing I believe you should change if your serious is drop the intro; its too long and like I have said sooooooooo many times before on these forums that first 10 seconds of the video is make or break; at the moment your video has a break feel to it.
    Your dealing with people who have attention spans no longer than the time it takes to click a mouse button.

    You have chosen a very soft target in youtube, and I dare say this supports the idea itís easier to bag the system which supports you, just keep in mind who is donkey and who is the carrot.

    I never really spent much time trying to work out youtube but I did put lots of time in understanding how to make a nice videos. If you can link the two together you have done the impossible.

    A bit of a rant, good luck on the tube.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    First of all, thanks for all the great feedback, guys.

    Well, I have to admit that the intro was what I was hoping would be the best part (maybe if only because the part at :18-19 turned out so well: in the way the left to right motion, then flip effect to the left, then the "stationary" chin lull also to the left came out so well. Kinda right, left, then follow up left. (Don't worry if none of that made sense, I'm not even sure if it does to me.) That came out completely accidental of course, and the rest didn't go nearly as well as I'd hoped it would.)

    The main reason for this intro (other than as a "funny" contrast) is that I'd heard from a few different places (and from watching some of the top subscribed Youtubers) that it was good to open with a song. But then again, in this case, I probably should've taken into account that

    1. I cut immediately to the best part of the song w/ no buildup
    2. most people aren't going to be into this particular song as I am at this particular time,
    and 3. and most importantly, I'm no Gwen Stefani. (Not that I'm all that into her aside from that last minute or so of that song).

    But one thing I think needs to get cleared up (if it's an issue ...?), is that my name isn't Ryan--and this definitely isn't supposed to be a serious rant at all. I actually love Youtube, a lot. Okay, honestly the first point does tick me off, but the others, especially the third, is supposed to be somewhat/totally ridiculous.

    And like you said, rollingstock, this is an obvious and pretty heavy imitation of other YT rants, namely Nigahiga's. So far I've been pretty unoriginal in anything related to Youtube, sadly, sadly.

    But that is one of the most disappointing things to hear, that it was hard to understand the little kid part (or any other part for that matter.) Like Tim said, it sounds fine to me, but obviously I wrote and have watched the dumb thing at least four hundred times.

    I've added annotations to that part so hopefully it's understandable now.

    Okay, so I need to work on lighting, sound comprehension-ability stuff, and getting a second opinion at some point before publishing.

    Thanks guys for all the construction criticism. I really appreciate it.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I forgot to add some simple advice in investigating vloggers; it's well worth doing as some of the biggest on the tube still have their first works up for all to see.

    A classic example is the guy with the green glasses Michael Buckley and I think his channel is whatthebuck.

    Trawl back in time to his first videos, you can clearly see him experimenting and finding a style which he now sticks to; there are plenty of others out there to see and they are all not vloggers.

    What you won’t see is the extensive amount of networking he has done to become so widely known; there must have been a time when it all married up and became self sustained in attracting new viewers; very similar to a jet engine starting it needs a helping hand to get enough air flowing to start before it can run by itself.

    The fuel of a vloggers channel then becomes a stream of video and the varied content within, that’s very difficult.

    From my small understanding of youtube I would place comedy and vlogging as the two most difficult realms to be noticed in; basically because it’s so overdone by so many.

    If I was to start a channel today, and hopefully cover a subject which could span all age groups and interests I would do a ‘toy review’ channel, very similar to all the tec review channels around. It would cover the latest of today’s toys, do a series on classic toys and get into the world of collectable toys.

    There is already a channel out there doing a toy review vlogging style and it’s doing very well; I won’t spam it here, it’s up to you to do some youtube homework.

    Just to let you know I do know three vloggers quite well, over a two year period they have explained some of their methods to me; it’s a very difficult path to take on youtube being a guy makes it even harder.

    Now here’s the facts.

    If you started your channel three years ago and stuck with it I am pretty sure you would have become high profile, just for the fact you were on screen well before anyone else.

    If you stated today I believe you would never become high profile.

    Youtubes answer to this is the ‘promoted video’; that’s basically paid placement at a cost to you every click on your video. Youtube know it’s almost impossible to make an impact now, they also know some people would do anything to be a youtube star.

    Again do some homework on this, info is found buried in the area related on the subject ‘advertising on youtube’.

    I asked quite a few youtubers directly how they are placed in the promoted videos area for what seems like months, not one ever owned up to paid placement, maybe it was their ‘big secret’ to so called success.

    I hope this is food for thought.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    well i cant say anything that hasnt been said already, oh other than both songs are the dogs b******s

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    So wait ... does that mean that they were good, or bad? lol, I'm not sure.

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    yes, thats a yes i love them both

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    I'll keep it sweet and short - I'm no YTube fan but I enjoyed this, made me smile!

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