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Thread: Vegas Render Problems

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    Default Vegas Render Problems


    I'm currently trying to render a project to see how it looks so far, however I've come across several problems while doing so.

    I'm rendering my project as a 6mbps WMV and somehow, it seems to crash at specific points, mainly at around 80 - 90%. What happens is i get an error message from Sony Vegas itself OR the CPU usage turns to 0 where the render just suddenly freezes but still counts down the seconds on the timer. If its not those two, Vegas will just close on me.

    Here is a log if it helps with anything.

    Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
    Version 8.0b (Build 217)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x0 IP:0x7814742D
    In Module 'MSVCR80.dll' at Address 0x78130000 + 0x1742D
    Thread: ProgMan ID=0x2D2C Stack=0x355F000-0x3560000
    EAX=7e7600a0 CS=001b EIP=7814742d EFLGS=00210216
    EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=0355f4e8 EBP=0355f4f0
    ECX=00005460 DS=0023 ESI=00000000 FS=003b
    EDX=00000000 ES=0023 EDI=7e7600a0 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    7814742D: 66 0F 6F 06 66 0F 6F 4E f.o.f.oN
    78147435: 10 66 0F 6F 56 20 66 0F .f.oV f.
    Stack Dump:
    0355F4E8: 002A3000 00280000 + 23000
    0355F4EC: 00000000
    0355F4F0: 0355F520 03460000 + FF520
    0355F4F4: 781474E6 78130000 + 174E6 (MSVCR80.dll)
    0355F4F8: 7E7600A0 7E760000 + A0
    0355F4FC: 00000000
    0355F500: 002A3000 00280000 + 23000
    0355F504: 0355F520 03460000 + FF520
    0355F508: 00000000
    0355F50C: 05FF9078 05E30000 + 1C9078
    0355F510: 00000000
    0355F514: 0A397E30 09D60000 + 637E30
    0355F518: 00000000
    0355F51C: 00000000
    0355F520: 0355F894 03460000 + FF894
    0355F524: 3A10755A 3A0F0000 + 1755A (wmfplug3.dll)
    > 0355F548: 005D11D8 00400000 + 1D11D8 (vegas80.exe)
    0355F54C: 00000001
    0355F550: 00000007
    0355F554: 00000500
    0355F558: 000002D0
    > 0355F588: 00500000 00400000 + 100000 (vegas80.exe)
    0355F58C: 00000000
    0355F590: 00000000
    0355F594: 00000064
    0355F598: 00000000
    > 0355F5C8: 7C9192EF 7C900000 + 192EF (ntdll.dll)
    > 0355F5EC: 7C91003D 7C900000 + 1003D (ntdll.dll)
    > 0355F600: 006B0007 00400000 + 2B0007 (vegas80.exe)
    0355F604: 00140278 00140000 + 278
    0355F608: 0355F6CC 03460000 + FF6CC
    0355F60C: 00000001
    0355F610: 00000001
    > 0355F620: 7C91003D 7C900000 + 1003D (ntdll.dll)
    > 0355F624: 7C834CD1 7C800000 + 34CD1 (kernel32.dll)
    > 0355F634: 7C91003D 7C900000 + 1003D (ntdll.dll)
    > 0355F654: 00660010 00400000 + 260010 (vegas80.exe)
    0355F658: 00000529
    0355F65C: 001401B0 00140000 + 1B0
    0355F660: 00000040
    0355F664: 1FF38FC0 1FAA0000 + 498FC0
    > 0355F66C: 33E7CC24 33D90000 + ECC24 (sftrkfx1.dll)
    > 0355F670: 33E7CC28 33D90000 + ECC28 (sftrkfx1.dll)
    > 0355F69C: 007703E8 00400000 + 3703E8 (vegas80.exe)
    > 0355F6A4: 00770425 00400000 + 370425 (vegas80.exe)
    - - -
    0355FFF0: 00000000
    0355FFF4: 005258F0 00400000 + 1258F0 (vegas80.exe)
    0355FFF8: 00ADA678 00400000 + 6DA678 (vegas80.exe)
    0355FFFC: 00000000

    This one happened at 84%
    This has never happened to me before until now. Some say its an error with WMV so I tried reinstalling my codec pack but didn't help. Well, I'm pretty clueless here.

    Please if anyone could help me out, I'd really really really really really appreciate it :3
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    What is your soure media? What codec and where is the video from?

    Faults like this are foten due to editing media with faults in.

    Are your cpu temps ok ?

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    Basically what I'm doing in this Vegas Project is putting together all the clips that I've made in After Effects. The rendered files from AE are 6mbps WMVs as well.

    I'm not really sure what's going, I'm actually really lost since I haven't had any of such problems until just today while it was working fine yesterday.
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    Hmmm - well wmv is not made for editing - it is a delivery codec - but as the media is not dodgy torrnted stuff that probably isnt the prob.

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    Have you tried just rendering the bit/part that freezes and see if that still does the same.
    Region the apart that does not freeze still that OK?

    is there enough room on the HD for the render?

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    hmm haven't tried that yet, but that might still be a problem. I deleted the tainted project files and started from scratch. However it started crashed again after i reached a certain part, predictable BUT it crashed at a much earlier point than before because i didn't have problems with these clips on the older project... weird. moving around the timeline is also gonna be a problem here because once i wanna preview or even click on a part of the timeline its most likely gonna pop up an error message or just close in my face!

    Oh and i have 180G free space
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    Default Vegas Render/Crash

    I am having very similar problems.
    Only my crashes are happening much earlier, that is less than 10%.
    I have been working with Sony's support people, but so far, this problem is unresolved.
    Currently, I have done a clean install of Windows XP and have installed only XP Service Pack 3 and all of the software updates that went with it, including IE 7 and Windows Media Player 11. The only other software is Flash, Acrobat Reader, Creative drivers for my Audigy and Vegas 8c.
    Folks, I'm dealing with either a motherboard problem or a severe incompatibility issue between Vegas and Windows!
    I've swapped out video cards and that made no difference and I've also run MemCheck 2.11 to test my memory, which passed.
    I just thought I'd add my two cents because my problems are exactly the same.
    Just to be clear, I had been running Vegas 8c and 8b with no issue until around October when this problem started to creep in. This problem also affects Vegas 6, DVDA 3, DVDA 4.5, and DVDA 5.
    I know it is suggested that the plug ins can be a problem, but the only plug ins here are the ones that are preinstalled with Vegas, no third party plug ins exist on this computer.
    Also, I am trying to do a straight render converting an AVI to WMV or MPG (with or without audio) and am getting the same crashes.
    When it is reported, which isn't always, the offender is reported as being WMVENCOD.dll, AVIPLUG.dll, mcmpgvout.dll, mcmpgvout.001, mcmpgvout.002, or mcmpgvout.003. Also in the Windows Event Viewer, this is identified as being a .NET Runtime 2.0 Error.

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