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Thread: Bicycle mount for video camera

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    Default Bicycle mount for video camera

    Hi. Does anyone have any info on how to attach a sony hc9 video camera to either the handlebars or my helmet?
    I want to record an awesome mountain ride which has some great switchbacks, just like in the TDF.
    And yes, I will probable add my own commentary and pretend I am Lance Armstrong.
    Lol. Getting old so have to relive the "glory days".

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    Gaffa tape is the best way I think. You can fix bridges with the stuff !

    And get to post my daft helmet cam pic again - lols.

    I have also taped that camera to the outside of camrs and to the fairing on my sccoter - there again that is my ' stunt camera ' that I got from e bay for a song. Watch out for too much vibration. Head cam is bad vibe free but for hadle bars you may find the shaking too bad and spoils the pic and breaks the camera - wrap in foam / bubblewrap.

    I seroiusly think the sony pc4 s are indestructable - it has been dropped many times and has survived rain, vibration, beech sand and numerous loans to friends.

    A real camera ia a bit heavy for helmet stuff but hey dont it look cool !?
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    thought about mounting to handlebars with a tripod screw fixed to a plate
    but the vibration is a good point
    have to go back to plan A, the head cam
    Its a good look tho, judging by your photo.
    But who cares, I will be Lance/paul sherwin and phil liggert all in one. lol.
    its a great ride tho, worth capturing. I think sweat proof will be the go also.

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    Just to reinforce what Mark has said - your spine coupled with the hinges of your elbows and wrists act as a great suspension system (we don't like to have our brains rattlng about). Look at the pro's filming the TDF etc - they ride pillion with shoulder mounts - their spines supplementing the suspension of the motorbikes.

    I'd suggest you have plenty of practice first as one's eyes don't always look stratght ahead and they're going to have to if you want to point the cam in the right direction.

    Good luck.

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    That is a good point about the TDR camera men. Hard to make a shoulder mount tho.
    Helmet cam prob still the best way.
    Its a mountain, i will have one shot. Maybe 2 or 3 depending on how I feel.
    But not as fit as I was, so prob just one.

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