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Thread: Accessories For HV30 camcorder

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    Default Accessories For HV30 camcorder

    Hi there, thanks for reading this.

    I have recently upgraded my cameras to benefit from HD and am now in the process of deciding the best bits of additional kit that suit my developing business (currently filming live bands but thinking also of documentaries and short films in the near future). Before finalising my purchases I would appreciate any comments or alternative suggestions regarding the following equipment:

    (2) Velbon DV-7000 tripod with two way fluid head

    Manfrotto 585 ModoSteady 3-in-1 Camera/Camcorder Stabilizer and Support System (with remote control)

    (2) Audio Technica PRO-88W Wireless Microphone System (171.105 and 171.905 MHz)

    (2) Tiffen W3 Universal Folding Dolly with Handle
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    Hi Nigel, if you're thinking of going pro or semi-pro you should raise the bar a lot higher.

    The Velbon range of tripods are okay for the family videographer who just wants to record the kids, holidays and parties. They're not up to anything more. Incidentally, you mean HDV not HD and you should be looking at something like the 701 head from Manfrotto, or the 501 which is much better, with a decent set of legs.

    The radio mics you mention are in the so-called free band. The chances are that someone else will also be on this frequency. If you're working with bands I can guarantee that someone will also be on the 171 band. Have a look at multi-channel sets from Sennheiser (the G2 range) and Audio Technica 18 series, both at around the 500 mark.

    If you're going to take the work seriously then your shopping list is way too flimsy and unreliable. If you're just having some fun with a few mates it should be okay.

    Good choice with the HV30, they can do excellent quality images, it would be a shame to fall down with the accessories though.
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    I have a velbon tripod that calims to have a fluid head - they lied - it's a friction head and the tripod is not very stable and all the widgets on it were very easy to break.

    I got it years ago and it was ok with my first teeny tiny camera but a decnt camera is too heavy for it - it creaks and wobbles.

    All it has going for it is it is v light. I use it for a light support now, last time I melted the head with a builders light - lols.

    Just checked - is a velbom D- 700 - SIx years old - I bet the 7000 is the same.

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