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    Default Nothing works after load up ...

    Hiya - thanks for taking the time to read this.

    I've come across a rather strange problem that I haven't encountered before. Last night I downloaded the trial version of After Effects 6.5 from the Adobe website. The installation all went fine and when I tried to load it up I got a quick error message telling me that AE couldn't find Quicktime (it's a new machine) ... so I installed that too.

    On loading it up a second time, the installation message dissapeared, but on clicking on the file menu (to select a new project) I just got a dull beep and nothing happened. In fact the same thing happened wherever I clicked the mouse. I can't even close the window down.

    Is there something else that I'm missing from the configuration on my computer? Is it a problem with the demo? Is anyone else having the same trouble? I just can't figure it out at all.

    Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly received.

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    I would uninstall and re-install the demo. Sounds like something's got screwed up in there.

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    Sounds to me like there could be a dialogue box hidden behind the actual application. Try alt-tabing or pressing the windows+m button to mininise all windows.

    Probably not the problem though...

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    I'm with Marc on that - sounds like exactly what the problem is.
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