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    Hello There!

    I'm a Composer/Producer from London. I'm currently putting together a portfolio and I'm looking to expand my video section.

    I'm looking for amatuer filmmakers in a similar situation to collaborate with to expand my portfolio and gain some more experience.

    I'm 27 with a degree, good kit, untold live experience (musically and as a DJ ) currently networking on the soundtrack circuit.

    My sound is organic and electronic fusion inspired, such as 'The Matrix', 'Primer', 'The Bourn Identity' and sci-fi, horror, indie, arthouse in general.

    Please feel free to drop me a line at . I'll be happy to send you links, mp3s etc.

    Thank you for your time!

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    I nearly moved this to pimp the link - but as you are looking to share the love I wont.

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    I hoped that would be the case, cheers mate!

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