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    Default sony motion picture browser

    hi all, i am new here and need a little help with a problem. when trying to install above for my new dsc-sr55e, i get to the steps page,do steps 1-4, press continue and nothing happens. license agreement promp is supposed to appear but left it for an hour and no change?! am i doing something wrong?
    can anyone help?

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    Default windows moviemaker and the Sony handycam

    I'm very sorry but I haven't got an answer for your problem, It could be something to do with your software load and you could try rebooting the program.

    I have a related problem but cannot post a new thread.

    I can download video from my handycam (HDD version), but can't then edit it on moviemaker. I can't import the video into moviemaker. Does anyone know why?

    Dave M

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    Your HDD camcorder will be recording MPEG2 files most likely with Dolby (AC3) Stereo sound.
    Movie Maker has no MPEG2 codec associated with it as that requires a licence.

    If you were to get the footage into Movie Maker what would be your final format for the project? ie How do you want to view the final product?
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    sony motion picture browser
    Try re-starting your computer in "Safe Mode" then try the install again.

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    Have changed the format to .avi and can now use the footage in Movie maker. I think there's a patch for Pinnacle 9 and I intend downloading this as well.
    I plan to copy to disc for TV playing/computer playing.

    This is annoying! The other problem is that, when I open the folder with the raw downloaded footage in, there seems to be a conflict with something as the computer just wants to close the folder down. the only way I can carry on is by ignoring the popup message and carry on. If I click OK on the message, the folder with the footage closes and a message is sent to microsoft.

    Where's my old super 8 projector....

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