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Thread: if your squeemish you might not like this

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    Default if your squeemish you might not like this

    after being given a few hints in another thread i thought i would make another video, this time just crashes and falls, but trying to show a more humorous side to the people in the vid.

    any comments are more than welcome

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    Hi Nero.

    Itís better than the other video on the same subject; some of the shots are great.

    Problem is you are still too far away from the subjects; you have to fill the frame. It seems to me your video is done from a perspective of a distant onlooker; you have to be in there almost getting trampled underfoot.

    For extra impact I would have some crazy reverse edits, and get some camera tilt going, all this up and down shooting is a tad boring. Using some Dutch tilt would enable you to have the vertical action fill the frame in a totally different way.

    Your subject matter deserves a radical approach.

    I hope this is something to consider, well done on whatís been shot.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video


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