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    Halloween just doesn't end! Anyway, this movie was a big project of mine; I've never shot, written, produced, directed, or edited anything before. First time ever. I think it turned out okay. It's a mockumentary about a series of video games I make. This mockumentary acts as if these characters are real, and I have an interview with them. Tell me what you think!

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    No one? :P

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    Sorry, I don't always have time to watch them - but I have now. So:

    - widescreen - ooooh
    - At the start, when the interviewers says "face to face - it fades a little too quickly.
    - The volume (and the brightness) in the interview section could do with boosting slightly.
    - I liked the extra-brief blairwitch type scene - short and sweet to keep it weird.
    - The barn scene was great - something a little different, other than just a house based scene, although the scenery is set up quite well.
    - Hickman's speech isn't very clear, it gets a bit muffled and IMHO it goes on for way too long. And he looks like Dave Grohl. Could do with cutting it down to a quarter of the size. Don't worry about "jumping" because a lot of documentaries use a sudden jump cut these days anyway. It's something I've been guilty of before, but cut it down to as short as you think you can.... then cut it more.
    - Could have done with a tripod for some of the shots. too much shake, unless you specifically want to create the appearance of movement, static shots are much better, especially if they're being put on the internet. Zoom is a bit overused. OK, it might not be easy / possible to re-film that, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
    - Drawing scenes, again, goes on for a bit too long. Either only use one or two sketches, or speed it up a bit
    - He mentions claymation then goes on to use a greenscreen?
    - makeshirt bluescreen - bloody brilliant!! I love that idea

    I'm sorry if it sounds like i've blasted a load of negative points at you - I did enjoy it, it was something a bit different, but I really think you could easily cut the entire thing down to half the length it is now.

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