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Thread: Pros and a file dump of converted old film in DV format

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    Default Pros and a file dump of converted old film in DV format

    I am having old 8mm film converted to digital data and a finished DVD by a pro here in town. This guy uses Mac equipment on the data side and says he will give me uncompressed DV files of the film onto a new external hard drive (Seagate Freeagent/Desk) that I will take there with me tomorrow. Question is this...when I take that HD to another pro (they both have pretty large setups and are in the video editing, show productions for TV, etc.) who is a friend and we sit in his shop with PC equipment to add narration, etc (cost too much at the other shop for studio time), will he be able to read the DV files on his equipment? I think the question is whether or not DV files are readable, editable, in either shop or are the DV files actually PC or Mac specific...I know not well said, but hopefully the meaning of the ?? is clear...thanks.


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    I dont think a mac formatted drive will work on a pc - not sure, The raw DV data will be the same.

    You is the customer so ask them to format it for a windows PC for you.

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    If the drive is formatted as Fat32 (which most are) then it can be read by a Mac and a PC. What sometimes happens is that it's recorded by one (Mac or PC) and can be read but not recorded on, by the other.

    More important is what codec or format the clips are recorded in.

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    If it is Mac formatted, then try "Mac drive" it will mac drives on a PC

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