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Thread: Unicycling Glidecam Operator

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    Default Unicycling Glidecam Operator

    Hey everyone, yes you read that correctly! I wear a Glidecam Smoothshooter while I ride my unicycle!

    You would not believe the long flowing shots I can get with this set up. I have also mounted my L7 Monitor to the smoothshooter handle so no matter which way I spin the camera, I can still look at the monitor (and traffic)

    Check out the video entitled 'Unicycling in Manhattan' on this page:

    Timecodes to make note of:

    59 seconds...I am not using a glidecam at all, simply riding with a tripod so the camera is above head can see how smooth this technique is already. can see a pretty bad side to side swaying in the footage...i could see that the mirrors of the cabs looked like they were getting closer together, and I couldn't really tell where the arm of my smoothshooter was...the last thing i wanted to do was get hit by a cabbie after crashing into his car!

    1:30...a very long chase sequence that I can't picture possible with anything but a unicycling/glidecam set up can see how i transition from a leading shot into a trailing shot in one fluid motion...this was possible by my L7 monitor being mounted on the handle...I was pretty much looking ahead of me the whole time glancing down at the monitor to just make sure he was still in frame..

    2:45...uhhhh....well that's just stupid!

    Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for watching!

    My video gigs are typically much less hectic these days, I spend my time doing wedding videos in London, Ontario

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    sorry folks, i gave you the wrong link:
    Balance Productions >> Technology

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