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Thread: DVD to editable AVI files?

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    Default DVD to editable AVI files?


    I've been trying to rip a DVD and edit it in my Premiere Pro 1.5.

    I've ripped the movie from the DVD, but since it's in DX50 format I can't edit it.

    I've been trying to convert the file into different formats back and forth, but have not succeeded in creating something that works in Premier.

    Does anyone have tips on ripping software, converters or any other process to get the DVD movie editable in Premier?

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    Er - isnt it it kind of obvious - convert to a format that premier does edit...????

    Like DV.

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    I've been trying to find a free program (or cheap program) with which I can convert them to a suitable format. But so far I've not found anything. Can anyone recomend a free program?

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    What about downloading a free trial of something like Video Studio Pro X2 and converting the Divx to DV avi

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