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    I have 4- 1 hour Instructional videos(filmed in a studio as well as live action type scenes outdoors) that were filmed and edited by a friend who owns a production company. He gave us a great deal on shooting and editing. My partner is unfortunately a moron and thinks he is getting to much- he is receiving a percentage of the sales and received no upfront fee( and believe me this is not going to sell thousands). I'm trying to just get a rough estimate on what most would have charge for this, just ballpark figures for 4 different dvd's about 1 hour each in length professional filmed and edited, oh yeah he also made us 4- 2 minute promotional trailers also, thenks in advance

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    sorry i was typing fast, i do know how to spell"thanks"

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    From a competant production company and assuming a high quality product - 10,000 minimum.

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    Thanks for the info, This is what i was looking for. A friend did a favor and produced these videos for us and is receiving a small portion of each DVD sale. He will be lucky if he walks away with 2-3k. One of my partners felt he was getting too much, even though i and everyone else said he was delusional. I was just curious to find out how delusional he was. thanks again

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    I would go so far as to say that the studio time alone was worth what you paid him. He's a good mate if he's worked for a percentage and, you're right, your partner's a moron. Mark's 10k minimum estimate is fair.

    As a rough guide a small studio with lighting 1k per day, Lighting Cameraman with kit, the same, Soundie and general assistant likewise and you're at your 3k before you've added anyone else, consumables, location shooting, editing, etc. etc. etc.


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