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Thread: Anyone used UKTechStore before?

  1. Lightbulb Anyone used UKTechStore before?

    'Ello, 'ello!

    I'm wanting to buy Adobe CS4 Production Premium. When searching the web for the best prices it seems to be just like looking for a good video camera: Lots of sites offering roughly the same price and then a few offering ridiculously lower ones.

    I KNOW that if it's too good to be true then it usually is. However, the store I'm talking about is They're offering CS4 for 1099 compared to a standard price of about 1600 elsewhere. Yes, obviously alarm bells are ringing straight away but here's why I'm making a thread about it...

    I've Google searched for info about UKTechStore and it does in fact seem to have been given a lot of good feedback from people.

    For example, read this page...
    UKTechStore Reviews at

    Okay then, but still, I am no fool and my suspicious mind cannot be won over so easily. It wouldn't take too much effort for UKTechStore to make 20 accounts on a review site and rave about how good their "experiences" were with them! I tend to not believe anything I see online unless it's backed up by a real person. And by real person I mean someone who didn't just sign up, make one post saying "YAY THEY'RE THE BEST!!" and are then never heard of again, I mean established members in a community.

    The thing is if UKTechStore IS genuine then their prices really can't be beaten. To save 500 on this software would be fantastic.

    And if they weren't genuine and were ripping customers off then surely there'd be loads of threads in forums all over the net warning about them? The only obvious one I found was this:
    I am a victim of Uktechstore Counterfit softwares..Is anybody else out there who has gone through the same? - Yahoo! Answers

    But even that seems to be the work of someone maliciously trying to spoil UKTechStore's repuatation and isn't backed up by any credible evidence.

    This thread on PCAdvisor asks similar things to what I'm doing but whereas people warn against dodgy sounding sites no one actually says they've been done over by UKTechStore.
    Forums - Anyone used UKTechStore for software ? - PC Advisor

    So I'm confused. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and order through them.

    But of course, if I get some DVD with pen scribbled on it saying "CS4" and it then doesn't let me register with Adobe I'll be extremely pissed off. With them and myself for falling for what will then seem so obvious.


    Thanks, mateys

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    No idea - but sounds like the discount place in Galaxy Quest to me.

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    Give them a ring and see what they have to say, I think it would help to start here.

    in case link is not accepted, phone 08081202355

    Just a sidenote, I bought my copy of indesign cs3 from america and it installed and registered in uk, works 100% fine, no tech support but dont care I saved 200 and its real legit copy, so might be same deal going on here.

    I think Adobe UK goughes us brits so I'm all for deals as im a web designer and need graphic software.

    Also found this:
    Adobe's CS4 pricing is completely bananas - The Inquirer

    Good Luck!

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    It all looks a bit too odd to me. The website is registered to the same address at that displayed on the website, but unfortunately that's also a registered company address for many companies (so may just be a PO Box type address). There is no information on companies house for the company. And they don't include VAT, as they don't pay VAT apparently. I'm no expert, but my understanding is that anything imported into the UK is subject to VAT. You only pay VAT at the final point of sale, so I assume that they haven't paid VAT and are also not VAT registered.

    Please note that this is not in any way related to the company mentioned above and is only mentioned as an example.

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    Soul75, that article and thread is really interesting! Kind of funny how it is cheaper for me to fly to the US, buy a copy of CS4 over there and then fly home rather than just order it from the UK :P

    I read through all the comments and at the end there's two people who say they bought from UKTechStore.

    "Bought it for Less here!
    I've just completed my purchase with for an Adobe CS4 Design Premium, it cost me 1040, about 200 gbp cheaper than everyone else. My colleague has referred me here after buying from them and receiving a full version genuine working copy. Reviews look good also. Hope this helps everyone!
    posted by : Sarah Bradley, 16 January 2009"

    "2nd that! UkTechstore
    I've made my purchase at also for Web Premium CS4, best price I could find. Got it in 2 days and it installed and activated perfectly fine, saved me at least 200. Did not pay any duties or anything, just signed for it on delivery. Bottomline, I would not have been able to afford it any other way as Adobe UK is NUTS!!!
    posted by : Chris77, 03 February 2009"

    But of course, who is to say Sarah and Chris aren't the same person who happens to work for UKTechStore?

    And Marc, yes I noticed that as well. If you get the UKTechStore contact number or address and put it into Google you see that it's the number and address for a load of other businesses. Slightly dodgy, to be honest!

    Gaaaaaaah! Why does it have to be so damn awkward??

    On a side note, I was impressed to see that Soul75's post which was made only 6 hours ago is already in top place in Google when searching for 08081202355! Amazing!

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    I smell a big fat putrifying rat.

    And fish.

    I am suspicious cos you post a q about a product and then a new poster with a IP in australia suggests to a person in the uk that he buy a product from a US ???

    Either a random act of kindness and I am eveil and suspicious or a spam...
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    Yeah it does seem a bit strange that an Aussie-based IP would be buying from the US and installing in the UK. Or maybe Soul75 just leads a jet-set life?

    Either way, I'm still not convinced enough to part with 1000 of my hard-earned (borrowed) cash!!

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    Wow, thanks for the warm welcome Mark W,

    I live in the UK, I'm currently in Australia on assignment, had troubles with video camera, thought I'd get online for some help, came across videoforums, found my solution and thought it would be kind to giveback and so I saw this post and shared my experience on something I could advise on.

    I have Adobe Indesign Cs3 which I did buy from america last year while I was there on holiday, New York specifically.

    I believe I did act in good faith and wrote something which was relevant to the original query posted by "videodave".

    Either way, at the end all I did was suggest Dave ring them up.. I think you'll get your answers this way.


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    Soul75, thanks for your post I can only apologise for how paranoid everyone is but this is the Internet and it pays to be suspicious. Although come to think of it you didn't even sing UKTechStore's praises or anything so it would hardly be fair to accuse of being an imposter.

    So US bought Adobe software works and registers on UK computers. Fantastic! So now all I need to be sure about is that UKTechStore deals in genuine software. And THAT'S where it gets a bit harder to research... :(

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    " Wow, thanks for the warm welcome Mark W " - lols - my pleasure.

    I aint a bloody doorman - I am a mod and you wouldnt believe the number of oppertunistic spams we get with a similar MO.

    Post a skateboard vid in user vids to see my real mean side.

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