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Thread: Anyone used UKTechStore before?

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    I'm one who (happily) got their software from UKTechStore... I haven't seen PB Software but BiteSizeDeals (US based, I believe) have a lot of bad reviews, so I personally would stay clear of them!

    What I know about OEM is that the software should be supplied with hardware - like a new computer system. I read on another big selller site (won't mention the name in case I get this wrong) that you could even buy a mouse with the software and it qualifies. I believe it is a proper licence but it's then tied to that computer - I remember trying to activate a copy of MS Office from my old laptop to my new one (removed from the old), and it wouldn't let me. On contacting MS, they said it was an OEM copy and so could only be used with the original system. I wasn't happy with that and they did soon let me re-activate it.

    Anyway, I don't think OEM applies to the Adobe Suites anyway - they aren't OEM or "full" licences. Just a full, proper one. The OEM stuff on UKTechStore probably refers to Operation Systems or Anti-Virus/Office Suites etc. Just had a quick look over there and the only thing marked as OEM is Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.

    I also, long ago, thought about buying from However, if you look under the "Product Details" section, it says "Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S." I then looked at getting it sent to "buying" an "address" there (a business service) and they'd forward it on, but... What a lot of messing about!!!

    As far as just a CD - yes, that's all you get... Well, with OEM you get just a CD in a paper insert. With the Production Premium, it did come in a proper DVD plastic case - it's a number of DVDs. I was unsure about this at first because I know CS2 came in a big box with all the manuals, but this came with no manuals. However, I found that's because Adobe CS4 doesn't ship with manuals anymore (someone correct me if I'm wrong) - just the "online" help... So I do have the full product which I have activated and can deactivate to transfer to a different machine.

    Martin... I do hope you get to realise your dream soon...

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    Thanks for your response. I'm close to making my purchase - just waiting for my bonus to come in!

    Is this true? Adobe CS4 Web Premium only comes with a dvd? On the adobe website it looks as though it should come in a box.

    btw, i had my brother-in-law in toronto download north american photoshop cs4 trial and send it over to me to do a test to see if north american software would work on my computer in uk. it loaded up easy and works fine.

    thanks to everybody who took time to answer. i'm sure some of my paranoid questions seem a bit daft, but i will be devastated if i paid all that money and it didn't work properly.

    if anybody has anything to add please do, as i'm buying at end of august.

    once i make my purchase i will report back with price, where i got it from etc.....


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    I've posted this in another thread as well, only because i've asked a lot of questions about uktechstore/buying software from overseas, and i believe i owe it to them to share my really good experience.

    I did buy from uktechstore last week and the software arrived no problem. Really pleased and I saved about 600. I give you a quick summary of the story so it doesn't sound like a uktechstore sales pitch!

    Basically I was nervous about buying from north america like many people seem to have been - only because the price was so much cheaper than in the UK.

    I'm starting a business so I am definitely on a tight budget, I couldn't afford to lose any money, and I know very little about ANY software.

    To make a long story short......

    I phoned uktechstore and spoke with one of the guys who works there (Dave is his name), he was very helpful and patient as I can only assume they get the sort of call I was making on a regular basis.

    He explained how they work, why they are cheaper (couple of good points he made but mainly we ARE getting seriously ripped off in the UK).

    It was enough to relax me, but I was still skeptical not because of what he'd said, but only because i'm the type who believes 'if it's too good to be true' - it normally is.

    uktechstore are based in Quebec, Canada, and i was concerned that north american software wouldn't work in the Uk. I'd done heaps of 'googles' and read many stories about people buying in the USA or Canada and using it in the UK - but i was STILL paranoid!!

    luckily my sister and brother-in-law live in Toronto and he knows quite a bit about technology. basically he said he'd download a 30-day trial (north american version) of adobe photoshop cs4 and send it to me. he said if it works on my computer in the uk, then i can buy north american software with confidence. he sent it, i uploaded it and it worked 100%!

    i was delighted and immediately phoned uktechstore, placed my order, and the courier delivered it two days later.

    really good service, and i'd spoken to two different guys at uktechstore and they were both very friendly and very helpful.

    i suppose i had to do a lot of research to give me confidence, but it was all worth it in the end. luckily i've got some family in Toronto, because when that trial uploaded i knew i'd be okay.

    on another note.....when i phoned adobe uk to ask if i could buy from canada, the SALES guy who'd answered the phone wouldn't give me a straight answer and kept saying i should buy from him "to be sure it worked". i wasn't happy and i said i know you're a salesman and make commission but you're still obligated to give a bit of customer service. eventually he said that if it comes from canada "yes, it should work, but it will definitely work if you buy from the uk".

    thank goodness for my brother-in-law in Toronto though to put my mind at ease.

    it was really important to me that i paid for a legit copy of my software as i want my business idea to go ahead without any potential hassle - including pirate software. but sometimes (ie. adobe sales staff not giving me honest answers or making me basically beg for reassurance) you can see how some people would illegally download what they need.

    if adobe's reason is that its cheaper in USA because it's a bigger market, well then they should just expect to make a better profit in the USA - not basically double the cost for the UK/rest of the world market. great software - questionable pricing scheme.

    anyway, i know it was a long story but i think it's important that as i've asked so many questions of uktechstore that i now follow up and say I DID have a really good experience from them and my software is running perfectly in the UK!

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    UKTechStore... 100% satisfied in spite of the courier.
    As an Apple-ite of more than ten years, I am guilty of always being suspicious when getting a bargain. When it comes to technology, my purchases have to be charged at a premium... If I'm not being ripped off on price and taken to the cleaners, then I'm not comfortable with what I doubt is a legitimate copy.

    I want whatever product it is, served up to me by a polite young nerd who wears a Superdry/Abercrombie sponsorship, like I wear cynicism. The kind of kid who's got a face that I can recall and hunt down if anything goes wrong... My computer related purchases need to be picked up from one of those aluminium clad temples, we see erected monthly in every major city as tributes to the Apple god, somewhere familiar, nearby and above all, accessible.
    This is how I shopped for tech previously and in retrospect... I was a moron. How much money have I wasted on perception?

    Our PC cousins by nature are foragers... They go trawling the net like militant pathfinders, picking scents up on deals with the same ease, as I use breathing... Using every available source at their disposal to keep their ramshackle notebooks and desktops ahead of the curve, not having to wait bi-annually for serious increments in performance. They're an inventive, eccentric lot that look beyond the veneer of style over substance purchases... Well in most part.
    UKTechStore seemed a bit suspect for this Anglo Saxon, Bucks resident, but I liked the way their sales team (Tom Horwood in this case), responded to my emails and I let my instincts and my bank account dictate, that I could afford to take the plunge on a copy of CS6 Master Collection and if it didn't arrive, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

    Some guy here in the UK, tried selling me a copy of this software for 3000 and by comparison, the 1500 I was being charged for the boxed edition at UKTechStore seemed like a no brainer.
    I made the order Thursday, they took the money out of my bank on a Monday and I'd installed everything Master Collection related and registered with Adobe on Tuesday. What was the downside of this purchase??? Got to give a bit of balance... FedEx aren't the most dexterous handlers of official Adobe branded cardboard packaging. I can understand why some other online retailers, repackage these items in plastic cases, as there is the worry of potential damage. UKTechStore does not adhere to this, as they prolly want you to know, you're getting the official goods from the ground up.

    Product was as advertised, registered with Adobe and had zero probs. Delivery was expedient and beyond my expectations and the service, via email was friendly and helpful. I didn't have a chance to track my parcel as it arrived before the thought occurred to me.
    Great stuff from a great team.

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