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Thread: Introduce myself and I have a problem

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    Default Introduce myself and I have a problem

    Hi folks,

    I apologize if this is long. I'm trying to be detailed.

    I'm fairly new to video editing and I have learned a lot from this great forum and the whole website as a whole.
    May I impose with a problem?
    I'm running Premiere 6.0 for both capturing and editing. I capture from an analogue video camera into an ATI All In Wonder 128 pro TV card. I use S-video for the video and the composite for the audio. The same setup I used a few years ago when I dabbled and it worked. Now it doesn't.

    I'm having a twofold problem that I believe are related. I think one fix will solve both of the following problems:

    The first problem is the audio. When I have my capture window up in Premiere and am playing my camera through the above setup, I can sit there watching the video play on the computer as I wait for my cue to hit record.
    At this point I can not hear the audio.
    As soon as I hit record the audio kicks in and I can hear it through the computer.
    I finish recording my clip, save it, pull it into my project timeline and see both the video and audio tracks fall into the proper place.
    So far so good.

    When I play the clip there is no audio. Actually, let me clairfy. There is audio but it is so low I have to turn the amp all the way up to even just barely hear it. For all purposes, there is no audio although everything shows that audio should be there.

    The second problem is when I either preview my timeline or export it through TMPGenc. There is no video. I get a black screen. OTHER elements to the project are there. Photoshop TIFF files, other WAV files and the like. But my video clips are not showing.

    This is all on a WinXP machine and as far as I'm aware all drivers are current and correct.

    I could use some input on this.

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    Default fade effect on the video overlay on AVS editor

    Please can you assit. I am new to this video forum and I expect I am in the wrong section. I can see anywhere to place a new thread. Anyway..heres muu problem I am making a video for ,my wife for valentines day ( too late now but still) onm AVS video editing I want the images ( the video overlays) to fade in and out of the time line video at the top.. the main video, .At present they just jump in and jump out. But I cant see any way to do this..any suggestions?

    Bill Saint.

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