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    Once in a while something comes around that I'll sit and watch and my jaw will slowly start to drop. I'm a massive fan of the half life games series, now I'm not usually into fanboy videos, I prefer to play the games. Take a look at this video, it encompasses cgi from the game with live action thrown in. It was created by 2 guys who call themselves the Purchase brothers, just keep in the back of your mind that 2 episodes were created for under $500. Take a look please and let me know if I'm easily impressed or if this is really good work.

    Purchase Brothers Escape From City-17

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    Very nicely done but...

    WHY ?

    All that cleverness and they copy an old game.

    Eye candy but like candy leaves you initially impressed but strangely empty.

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    Wow, that was really amazing!

    They managed to capture the game's atmosphere pretty well, too.

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    Why is the million dollar question. There has been rumours for a number of years that Half life would be made into a movie but Hollywood being Hollywood things can take an eternity and cost a fortune. These guys have spent $500 on 10 minutes of footage, what could they produce if a film company offered up a coupe of Million dollars, that is spare change for Hollywood but a massive budget to a small 2 man operation OR they may just be sad.

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    I love half-life 2 it's one of the best game experiences around.

    This was as equally awesome! I was hoping Gordon would pop up from around the corner and kill some combine!

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    im a fan of all the hl's.
    this is awesome from my eyes.

    very nice.

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