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Thread: How to open MKV videos ?

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    Default How to open MKV videos ?

    Hi i'm having great trouble opening MKV and AVI files in Vegas movie studio
    Platinum 9.

    Is there a way to open MKV files especially ?

    Thank you.

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    Simply Google "Convert MKV AVI" and you'll get a ton of hits. You'll need to convert as Vegas won't take it native (one of the few formats it won't). I've done it (once) before but can't remember which converter I used. Sorry.

    As for Vegas not accepting AVIs, you have to remember that not all AVIs are equal. They're not a format as such, rather a container for audio and video streams. Search for and download a free program called GSpot. This will tell you exactly what codec wa sused to encode the video/audio streams within your avi. You will then need that codec installed on your PC and recognised by Vegas.

    (DivX and XVid both use AVI as a wrapper, as does SDDV - the codec used by all MiniDV standard def camcorders)

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