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Thread: old school HI8 tape, how do i capture to comp?

  1. Default old school HI8 tape, how do i capture to comp?

    My oldschool samsung hi8 has only analogue output, yellow and white component.

    Whats the cheapest solution to get this on my comp?

    Cheers, Dave

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    Best and cheap but some hassle is to get a DV camcorder with a analogue vdieo in to convert to DV - this can then be easily captured with firewire.

    Next - many v cheap dvd recorders do an excellent job of cutting a dvd directly from a analogue in - then edit this.

    Or you can buy a SimplyDV: Review of Canopus ADVC55 AV Digitiser

    There are many other cheaper options but my expirience is that they are often rubbish.

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    If it is Hi 8 it must have an S-video output socket on it aswell. Use this instead as you will get much higher quality video than using composite out (230 lines of resolution compared to around 400 lines of resolution). Less colour bleed as the various parts of the video signal are separated in the S-video cable.

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    Ive been using the Dazzle DVC170 by Pinnacle which just plugs into your USB 2.0. It accepts both RCA cables and S-Video. It works just fine and its cheap. In fact I will sell you mine for $20 if you want. I've got two I was getting ready to put on ebay because Im getting ready to drop a couple hundred on a Canopus 300.

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