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Thread: Have been told allsorts of different things,which camera ??

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    Default Have been told allsorts of different things,which camera ??

    My budget is 250, I'm looking to upgrade once i have my business up and running but for the beginning I need a camcorder that will do webcam,decent live streaming as clear as i can get!!, and records nicely.

    I have been told to ignore high digital and look for high optical,but this is all i have to go on,also that it was have a pc input which a lot dont.

    Usually im very good with buying things like this,but the camcorder has got me! and the guys at Comet were really unhelpfull.

    Many thanks

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    ps. it needs great sound recording too,and im not a pornstar lol


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    Hi ya, I read that first before posting,still dont know what to go for, need some suggestions,thanks .

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    For 250 you won't get 'high digital' whatever that is, must be high definition you are thinking of. Also forget about large optical zooms on (or was someone trying to sell you digital zoom?.... it sends a shiver down my spine every time I hear those two words), get a camera with a 10 or 12 times optical zoom and that will give you a much better image quality than something with a 30 or 40 times optical zoom.

    If you want to get into editing and start making 'real' movies then go for a mini dv camcorder which uses tape. The picture quality on these cameras is much better than hard disk and mini dvd cameras. Mini dv uses Firewire and this maintains the highest picture quality. If you can get one with an external mic socket all the better. For 250 I would look at some of Canon's and JVC's models or you might get a discounted or second hand 3CCD Panasonic (NV-GS330).

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