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Thread: First video - Surf until sunset

  1. Default First video - Surf until sunset

    Hi there,

    Instead of just sitting on my PC I thought I'd open a Vimeo account and start posting my video on there.

    This is my first effort. It wasn't shot for public consumption so is a little wobbly in places as it was freezing cold, using a Sony SR10e handheld on a winter beach walk but I'd be interested to hear what you think and I hope you enjoy!

    Is there a future for me in videography?

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    I could only watch it with no sound as I'm at work, so can't comment on the audio side, some general observations:

    Looks like a fun session, the action was all in frame and it wasn't too wobbly considering it was hand-held with such a tiny camera.

    If you plan to shoot surf footage a lot I'd get a tripod with a nice smooth pan, and try and mix up the angles more, My favourite shot was the last one from the low angle, the light was really good and you were able to fill the whole wide-screen frame with the wave and rocks in the foreground.

    There were a couple of different angles and if they were alternated more throughout the clip (same for left/right hand waves) rather than being bunched together, it would have kept the interest going a bit more.

    The slow-mo was probably sync'd to the audio (stupid work computers), but I'd be more selective with any slow-motion clips, only the best shots should be slow-mo'd.

    Also - with surf shots I normally stay on the wave for a few seconds after the rides over, it's tempting to do a quick pan back to the take-off spot straight away, but you'll be thankfull for an extra second when you're editing to music.

    I enjoyed watching it, and look forward to seeing more, definitely a future in videography - especially if you get a nice tripod
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    Hi bgarthp,

    Thanks for your comments and constructive critique - some good advice in there which I'll definitely follow up. You should try and watch it with sound a bit later as the music I feel does help to make the video a lot more rounded, and it's a cool tune!

    In reference to your slow mo comment, the slow mo wasn't through choice, it was because a couple walked in front of the camera just as I was filming that guy's ride so in order to keep it in because my footage wasn't in any way extensive I had to slow mo to drag it out a bit. In fact, I think the whole video only comprises about five possibly six separate rides; next time I'll go to the surf with the specific intention of making a film and grab a load more footage.

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    I'll defo watch it later on with sound, it sucks when people walk in front of you, another advantage of a tripod is that passers-by tend to notice you more and avoid getting in the way
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    Good attempt, but the distance you were from the waves was the biggest problem for me. I wanted to be drawn into the action but maybe that is a limitation on where you had to stand or the zoom is small on that camera you are using. The surfers are too small onscreen and I feel disconnected from them, maybe a few closer shots of them getting ready on shore would be an idea for your next video. We can't see their faces or hear them talk. The position you recorded from was on screen possibly for too long and you could have cut more using that fast paced music. Overall a good attempt but you need to get in closer to the action next time, if that means plonking a tripod down in the water then do it.

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    Is there a future for me in videography?
    I won't comment on the video its been covered pretty well by others so far, I did notice the question below the video and I will answer to that.

    There is always a future as long as you pick up a camera, take off the lens cap, and just shoot stuff.

    Now that sounds pretty simple but believe me so many people have this vision of getting into video / filmaking but are not prepared to do the most basic thing, and thats shoot stuff.

    If you really get into it you will see the world set up as a frame, the rule of thirds will be everywhere, you will see how a persons face is one of the most powerful subjects to cover, and the art of video is as varied as the waves on a beach.
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    Very contemplative, very thorough and very inspiring replies (so far??) - cheers all!!

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    Nothing to add really. Great shots of the scenery, but not close enough on the action. You really need both to get good variety and a good film.

    And rollins sums up your future nicely. The best filmmaker in our club hasn't been inspired to film anything for nearly a year now. You're therefore currently a better filmmaker than him (and so am I)

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    watched it with the sound - it was exactly what I was expecting, which is good I think, the video obviously matches the audio, at least for me.
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    I went surfing badly once - it was like toruture except for the peeing in the wetsuit bit - that was fun - lols.

    The video is a bit bland.

    I suppose to get this well you need a long lens and a tripod and or be in the water too. As t iis unless you are a fan this is a bit uninteresting.

    It's a great video from someone starting out but it has the feel of not enough good stuff in the raw video.

    Bloody scary waves !

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