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    Question Game trailer special effects

    Hi, I'm new to the fora here, and I've come here to ask a question: how do you make the special effects like in the new trailer of the Half Life 2 mod: Black Mesa. Link here

    I want to know with what software you could make the logo effects, like in the first five seconds or at the end. Or the transistions between scenes. I know how to make the resources (through machinima), but I want to know how these effects could be done, with what software.
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    The transitions between the clips can be recreated by placing a white video matte underneath a cross disovle. It also looks like saturation was key framed between the clips.

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    thx a lot, but I'd also like to know how you can make the logo turning and zooming out while having another image in the logo itself, the effect used at the end of the trailer

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    The image was probably created in something like Illustrator and then imported as a btimapped image into whatever software was used to make the video sequence. It was then rotated, resized, moved (x and y co-ordinates) using keyframes. To show the other clip through it, a hole was cut in the image using a matte, blue/greenscreen or luma keying. This is how I would do it.

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