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    Hi, This is my first digital camcorder. I got it to be able to play videos on my PC, and burn to CD later if I decide to. I would like to be able to change my videos to play in Windows Media Player. I have read how to change from .mod to .mpg or .wmv by renaming the file. I have tried this with some success, but when they play in WMP I lose the sound. I like this camcorder but if I cannot make these files to play without the JVC software (I think the JVC software sucks) I will take the camcorder back and get something more user friendly. I would rather not because I got a great deal on this. Can anyone help? Thanks

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    Many apps struggle files from h drive cameras but thnigs are improving.

    I think all of sony's editors are ok - and probably others - check with vendors.

    Tape based cameras produce the most editable video.

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