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Thread: Short skit/sketch competitions?

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    Default Short skit/sketch competitions?

    Hi all,

    Just posting to ask if anyone knows of any online short movie competitions on at the moment? Would definitely be interested in giving it a go at some point to see how we fare in the competitive world!



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    Keep an eye on ' pimp the link ' - we get one a week on average - however - most are just hopeless - many ask for payment to enter - my advice is avoid these as they are a con.

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    Why on-line? There are amateur film festivals all year round which are worth entering if you want comments from "qualified" judges. You don't even need to attend (though it's good to see your films projected onto a larger screen) - just post your tape & entrance fee (normally 6-10) and wait.
    And then there's the "user vids" section here. Won't win you any prizes (apart from a possible Video of the Month) but you'll get some considered and worthwhile feedback.

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