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Thread: Sony Vegas doesn't render properly

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    Default Sony Vegas doesn't render properly


    I'm using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8.0.

    I have a little problem, or not actually even that little because I can't render my video because of it.

    I've done a video project, which includes following. In Text row I have text (of course), with and without solid background. In Video Overlay row I have "sony solid color" as intro and outro and between them the actual video footage, from a game GTA IV, in few clips. Then the Voice row has the original sound from the clips and the Music row has music.

    When I preview it, it looks fine in the little video screen in lower right. But then when I try to render it, it only renders the text. Rest of it is black. It renders it from start to finish, it makes it as long as it should and the soundtrack is fine too, but in places where the video footage is supposed to shown there's only black screen.

    I have tried everything inside Vegas I can think of and it seems like I can't render it. Or am I just doing something utterly stupid and thus causing this annoying problem?

    I remember I previously had this problem too with other video, but I did something and then it rendered properly. I have no idea what it was.

    I have been trying to solve this for hours and hours now and searched all over the net but no luck.

    I'm going to post print screens here to show you how the project looks in Vegas, maybe it will help I don't know.

    Here's my view:


    -EDIT- I also tried to reinstall Sony Vegas and I even uninstalled all my codecs, but no luck, just doesn't like to work.

    What the hell is causing this? I have rendered GTA IV videos in same wmv format before so why it doesn't work now. I had the same problem, don't remember what fixed it but I'm pretty sure I've tried the same thing already.
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    Well now at least I got it to render properly. When I select rendering quality, instead of selecting good or best I select preview. And with this setting it seems to render properly.

    Quite weird I think. Lets see if the final quality is good enough.

    -EDIT- Oh well, it's enough for youtube.
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    Default :( same here won't render the video only the text

    i have the exact same problem ironically it is a gta iv video aswell

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