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Thread: DVD VOB to MPG Conversion with 5.1

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    Default DVD VOB to MPG Conversion with 5.1

    I have a PAL DVD with Dolby Digital that I am attempting to convert to NTSC with DD. However, I'm having a little trouble getting the DD 5.1.

    Here is what I'm doing...
    -Insert DVD in drive
    -In Vegas, File/Import/DVD Camcorder Disc...
    -Vegas converts the VOB files to MPG files (plus a lot of "sfk" files)
    -I then want to input the converted MPG files into the time line and render it as NTSC.

    However in the timeline, the converted MPG files seem only to contain a stereo soundtrack (actually 5 separate tracks, English, Spanish, Director's commentary, etc).

    How can I get the DD 5.1 soundtrack into Vegas for NTSC conversion?

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    Most commercially avaialable DVDs can be purchased in PAL and NTSC.

    Transcoding a whole DVD is a pain to do - I wouldnt bother.

    Dont be a pirate - buy the film

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