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Thread: Exciting flight over Lake Geneva

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    Default Exciting flight over Lake Geneva

    Hello all ... here is another home video I made. Let me have it (the reviews).

    More to come over at my blog

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    The bones for a very good video are there, but I feel it has been let down by those black cross fades, and overlapping similar shots, sure its done to the music, I feel it does more harm than good here.

    It would be prudent to have a video title entry at the start, even for home videos that important, its a cold start looking at a windsock.

    When editing you have to pick the best stuff, dump the rest and keep moving forward, maybe you were filling time as the song has a set duration, i'm not sure on that you would know.

    In time you will learn fancy transitions are better left well alone, and straight 'bump edits' or very short cross fades are much more effective.

    The video for me did seem to play in the wrong format, looked like a 16:9 video squashed up in a 4:3 format, so some work needed there, it would have been lovely in 16:9.

    Some nice close-ups there (instrument panel) and I would have used them as 'cut aways' to link different scenes, although problem here is your stuck in the same enviroment of a plane cockpit, to fix this shoot some video of a similar plane taking off, use that in the take off video sequence, your video needs any sort of viewpoint variety it can muster, thats whats really lacking, this would raise the bar on this video very easily.

    Overall not bad for a home video, certainly much better than watching raw video of a flight, I do have a soft spot for plane spotters on youtube, I like a good gas turbine engine and aviation in general.

    I hope this helps, good luck in the future.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    As far as it goes I like.


    Do you really live in thin land? The video is squished horizontally. Needs fixing.
    I am not sure the balck fades worked as a device to use all the way thru on every cut.
    You also seem to have chosen a low res and bit rate - all the pretty views deserve a better encode.

    Many videos of the personal event type get posted and in my view many have a deficit we see here - no sound track and leack of human interest. Without that it is a pop video and it isnt visually arrestig enough.

    If we could hear from you, about how excited you were, maybe hear the engine and you as the plane ducks and dives - then it would be much more than it is.

    Often a video like this is expirienced by the viewer thru a participant portrayed in the video.

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    I have nothing to add to rollingstock's comments - he's summed up pretty well the areas which could be improved and I agree entirely.

    I thought the fades through black were appropriate for the first four introductory shots, and should have stopped as sson as the full backing track cut in. They were also used well to cmpress time with three consecutive POV shots of the runway as the plane came in to land. Other than that they got bloody annoying and hence detracted.

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    of all the plane rides ive been on, and all the airports ive seen, Geneva at night in the summertime is by far my favorite

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