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Thread: Premier Pro CS4 long load

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    Default Premier Pro CS4 long load

    I launch Premiere Pro CS4 and it loads everything fine. Since I'm just learning, I have QuickTime Player open in another monitor to view tutorials. Whenever I click away from Premiere to play/pause the video (or even when I just deselect the program in general) and then reselect Premiere it has to reload everything again. Is there someway to change this or am I just going to have to live with? It gets annoying having to wait a couple minutes each time i reselect the program.

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    I am guessing - sounds like you need more ram. The ' hang ' may be swap file access.

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    I have 4BG DDR2 installed (however, my OS is windows XP 32-bit, so it can only use 2.50BG of RAM). I also have quad core cpu.

    What do you mean by "The ' hang ' may be swap file access"?

    Edit: also, how do I take away the "Windows Movie Maker" under my user name, I already changed my profile settings, where it asked me what software I use, I typed in Premiere Pro.
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    The "Windows Movie Maker" is just a rating based on the fact that you only have two posts to your name - lol.

    Don't take it personally.

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