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    this is not a real hardware problem, but it is a doubt.
    Is the samsung T260HD good for video editing, color correction, photo editing?


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    If you are concerned about the accuracy of the important thing is to set it up carefully.
    This can be done with a set up dvd with test patterns.
    My friend lent me one last year but I cant currently find it to pass on the name - google about.

    Proper TFT monitors for photoediting that claim to give spot on accurate renditions cost the earth.
    Like $4000 - FX-2401 Monitor

    My personal expirience of editing and monitoring on a cheap normal TFT is that they are ' ok ' but the blacks always look wrong with dark areas appearing curshed and lacking any detail.

    This is partly why I still use a CRT monitor.

    I am also thinking of using my unwatched 26 inch sony tv as a monitoring screen so that I can get a live TV preview. I have often found that thnigs look very different on a TV.

    I think the best affordable ( maybe affordable i havent checked ) is a used CRT monitor - a proper crt video monitor.

    I checked - Sony CRT video monitor on eBay, also, Other Photography, Photography (end time 16-Feb-09 19:14:10 GMT)


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