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Thread: Using Vgeas to edit MPEG2 & hard disc camcoder output

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    Default Using Vgeas to edit MPEG2 & hard disc camcoder output

    How does Sony Vegas perform when editing MPEG2 files that have been captured on hard disc camcorders? I've always recorded on miniDV cassette and imported via firewire because I've heard to people having problems editing video that has been imported from DVD camcorder (lip sync going wrong, or cut points being moved). Is this a problem with hard disc camcorders too as they also capture in MPEG2, or has editing software been developed enough now that editing MPEG2 isn't much of a problem?

    Also, are any of these problems evident with AVCHD editing in Vegas?

    I ask as I'm thinking about getting a new camcoder soon. My insticnt is to stick with minidv, some of the hard disc models look tempting but I'm worried about the editing.

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    I an certain vegas 8 pro can handle most hdrive cam vieo - but 4 cores advised.

    Many people find the apps they use dont like AVCHD - and franky niether do I.

    More compressed than HDV - I mean why? Why? WHY????? use a worse format than tape based HDV when there is nothing wrong with tape vased HDV WWWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY??????????

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    I think it does handle the formats, but I'm concerned about how well it performs with them. I imported a DVD into Pinnacle Studio 10 and did some editing, but once I'd finished I noticed that the sound was off.

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