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    Riding again. did a bit of post production with the clips. edited contrast and brightness.

    edited to coldplay and shot in HD

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    I loved the shapes in the shots in the first half. Made it visually very interesting - and for once the W/A really added something to this. This brought something different to this vid.

    2nd half was consequently all the more disappointing as it was mostly straight edges and right angles.

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    Some aspects were great, nice use of frame, and landscape, watch out with those wide angle lenses, you really need to fill the frame with action for them to work.

    Please invest in a non jarring camera tripod..or whatever, it will be the best money you will spend,

    I can't say too much on this type of video as I have never made one, If I had a stunner under my belt I would certainly have more to say.

    Nice music, overall 5 stars if I was on tube.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Have to reflect the earlier comments - great first half, lovely lighting and some great angles, reminiscent of documentary style which was good. Second half was a bit darker and not so inventive (did you get bored in post production by any chance?)
    Overall though great video and enjoyed watching - cheers

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    Good video, as said above the first half worked better than the second in terms of style and pacing. The low angle shots and wide angle shots worked quite well and gave a different perspective on the movements compared to it being all shot at head height. The guy on the bike was very good at the making the bike go where he wanted. Next time just keep an eye on exposure and the video is just about the correct length if it had been any longer it would have got boring. Maybe the next time, make it shorter with tighter edits and maybe use music with a faster beat, so you can cut a montage of different camera angles together rather than the constant wide angle.

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    Thank you for your feedback. the rider is actually me. most of the still shots were all shot by me, and the wide angle shots. the shaky shots were shot by friends.

    I will take in to note all your feedback as every time i receive it. it helps me more.


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